Mystery Solved / Mystery Tackle Box UNBOXING

I started my Saturday morning out like I usually do. Fishing. I headed out to a creek I have only scouted and thought I would spend my morning with my small creek Fly Road and poke around a bit. I waded in the shallow water searching for deeper pools. Found some. I was a chubby chaser today as I couldnt get the dam Creek Chubs off of my fly. Got into a few Panfish but no sign of the smallies I was looking for. Beautiful morning, beautiful creek. Even a skunk wouldnt have bothered me.

I came home early afternoon to be greeted by my First MYSTERY TACKLE BOX. I was jazzed. I took the camera out of my fishing bag and started snapping away.


On to the UNBOXING!!

The pakage, simply put, perfect.


The packaging is extremely well thought out. They included the above info cards, a neato sticker and a thank you letter asking you to spread the word. I was especially pleased to see the info cards with the actual prices of what they provided you. The Crank included is the very crank I used last week to slay some bass on Lake Delavan. Shes a rattel’n classic!

The guys from Mystery Tackle Box are already out in full force soliciting feedback and pictures are already being posted of fish caught on day one of the Mystery Tackle Boxes first shipment. These guys are onto something. Please take a minute to visit their site and poke around. Its a great idea and Id hate to see a good Fishing Start up go away.


2 comments on “Mystery Solved / Mystery Tackle Box UNBOXING

  1. Nice photo of the Panfish munching on a bugger. Looks like a fun time!

  2. Thanks Chris, it was super fun!

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